Sussex Fish and Game Association

                            SF&G Sportsperson of the Year

         The Sussex Fish & Game Association would like to dedicate this page to those members that have had the honor of being called “Sportsman of The Year”.  Each year, a member is selected to receive the Vincent Devine Memorial Trophy.  The history on how this award started goes as such (as told by Fred Liddle); “In 1991, the Sussex Fish & Game Association lost a valued member.  Vincent Devine’s achievements were that he was there to help at many Club events; such as at a fishing derby, selling tickets for a fundraiser, helping with river clean-up, participating at suppers, or taking young and old alike fishing on the river or at Chisholm and Dicks Lake.  Vincent was an overall good sport and he was always there when needed.  At the time, our Club didn’t have anything to honor our members that “went that extra mile”, so in 1992, I and several members came up with this award.  We presented it to Vinny’s wife and family that same year”.

            Every year since, a member who has shown outstanding work efforts and camaraderie throughout the Club, has been selected to receive this prestigious award.  They are:


 1992 Vincent Devine
 1993 Sidney Kelso
 1994 Bert McMillan
 Dean Toole
 1996 Willard Mallory
 Arthur Marr
 1998 Terrance Craig
 1999 Joe Doherty
 2000 Donald Crawford
 2001 Gus Constantine
 2002 Delbert Munroe
 2003 Fred Liddle
 2004 Hudson Murphy
 2005  Paul Veysey
 2006 Dave Fleming
 2007 Dale Robinson
 2008 Delbert Fanjoy
 2009 Peter Ritchie
 2010 Dan Byers
 2011 Clarence Otis
 2012 Brian Buchanan
 2013 Shawn Munroe
 2014 Ken Brown
 2015 Perry Crawford
 2016 Kim Brown
 2017 Don Moffett
 2018 Jim Cormier
 2019 Brian Buchanan


Proposed Eligibility;

Must be an active member, in the current year.  (an exception can be made for health reasons)

Having won this award previously has no bearing on eligibility.


Proposed Selection Criteria

Conduct considered as befitting the SFAG and the hunting/fishing / shooting community

An attitude of ethical behaviour, integrity, a striving spirit that has a positive influence on others

A level of participation and performance that has resulted in real achievement

Time period; recent past, the 24 month period.


Proposed Selection Process

 Nominations from the membership at large by a written ballot or e mail to the secretary, at of before the SFAG February general meeting.

Must include the name of the nominee and the nominator Plus a brief outline of the; contribution and accomplishments of the nominee; reasoning behind the nomination.

The board of directors will normally review the nominations and decide on the recipient.   The only exception would be if one of the nominees is a board member in which the president and secretary, together, could modify the composition of the selection committee to maintain fairness and confidentiality.

The selection meeting can be in person, by phone or by e mail.