Sussex Fish and Game Association




Effective May 1, 2020 until further notice the Sussex Fish and Game Associations range will be open with the following restrictions in place to adhere to provincial requirements around social distancing: 

  • Centre shooting position on rifle and hand gun ranges are closed
  • 2 meter distancing at all times is required
  • Gloves must be worn opening and closing the gate. 
We encourage all members to abide by these rules for the health of all.

Range Rules and Regulations

  1. Red flags must be displayed when range is active. Sign at range entrance must indicate Range In Use. Green flag must be displayed when range is occupied but not active.

  2. When more than one shooter on firing line, one must act as RSO.

  3. As a rule, firearms will be proven safe when picked up or accepted from another individual. If a loaded firearm must be passed from one person to another, it will be passed with the safety catch applied with a verbal warning that it is loaded.

  4. When it is necessary to go forward to examine or replace targets on the range firearms will be unloaded, inspected and left with breeches open before anyone is permitted forward of the firing point.

  5. Firearms will not be pointed at anyone.

  6. Indiscriminate dry firing is forbidden. Controlled dry firing at targets on the firing point may be permitted by the RSO.

  7. No firearms will be taken to the rear of the firing point.

  8. Firearms will always be pointed down range, during loading and unloading and during clearance of stoppages or misfires.

  9. No repairs to a firearm will be carried out until the firearm concerned is cleared.

  10. No one other than the firers and assistant safety officer will be allowed on the firing point except by permission of RSO.

  11. Smoking is prohibited on the firing point and in the vicinity of live ammunition.

  12. Loaded firearms will NEVER be left unattended.

  13. At the conclusion of the practice, all firearms and magazines will be unloaded and inspected.

  14. Before leaving the range, all flags and signs will indicate that the range is not in use.

  15. It must be know, that when transporting all firearms to and from the range. All firearms must be with a Range Member “NOT ” with a guest transporting to and from the range. ONLY Range Members are allowed to transport any firearm.

RSO – Range Safety Officer